As a scientist I have a hard time putting a number to how much I enjoy a wine. However, as a wine consumer I find it a useful metric for interpreting others recommendations.

I taste most wines over at least two days and most often drink a single bottle before writing a review. In an ideal world I would taste all of the wines blind and in triplicate, however this is not something my wallet can reasonably accommodate.

As I taste more wines and learn more about wine, the standards by which I judge a wine will naturally change. However, I try to get someone that spends less time drinking and learning about wine to try most of the wines I review, in hopes that the scores are representative of wines people will enjoy drinking and not just indicative of my current interests.

97-100 Fantastic. Any wines in this category will be among the best examples of that particular variety or style that I have tried.

94-96 Excellent. Wines falling in this range will all be wines that I am very excited about and highly recommend seeking out.

90-93 Very Good. These wines will be wines that I have quite enjoyed and would happily purchase again.

85-89 Good. These are wine that I feel were solidly made, but don't really do much for me. Wines that I would be happy to drink, but will probably pass over, if I see them at the bottle shop.

Below 85. These wines will generally not be reviewed here. They are wines that I do not enjoy or I find faulty. 

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