Friday, September 12, 2014

2010 Luis Cañas Crianza Rioja

Went to check out a spanish tapas and wine bar in Brisbane called Peasant.  After enjoying the Luis Cañas Barrel Fermented Viura, I opted for a bottle of this Rioja which was recommended by the waiter.  It drank beautifully with a charcuterie board, chorizo, and croquettes.

A nice precise nose with gentle use of oak and some cherry notes.  Very clean structured palate.  Good acidity and round tannins held up well against the strong flavors of the cured meats and croquettes.  I would definitely buy this again, as soon as I can find some available here in Australia.

Price:     $75 (by the bottle at Peasant in Brisbane) 
Varietal: Tempranillo
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   94
Website: http://www.luiscanas.com/

Thursday, September 11, 2014

2011 Feudo Di Santa Tresa Avulsi Nero D'avola

As I've been drinking a fair bit of Australian Nero D'avola lately, I wanted to refresh my memory on how it's done in Sicily.  Didn't hurt that I was looking for a sixth wine to get that great discount associated with buying in multiples of six.

Right away I got tobacco and blackcurrant/cassis, a very savory nose.  The palate was nice, if short lived.  Nice soft round tannins and more savory notes. This developed over a couple of glasses and provided some interest for me, but certainly didn't blow me away.  I wouldn't buy this by the bottle again at this price point, but would be happy to have another go on a wine list if I were eating the right food.

Price:     $30 
Varietal: Nero D'avola
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   92
Website: http://www.santatresa.com

2013 BK Wines Skin and Bones White

This is a super cool wine.  I had this a while back at a monthly tasting I attend here in Brisbane called Swirl, Sniff, and Spit.  I wanted to show my office mates something different and interesting and this turned out to be the perfect pick.

Holy aromatic!  My boss smelled it walking by and busted us wine tasting on a Friday afternoon, so I had to pour an extra glass.  The time spent on skin and in contact with the stems gives it a very unique nose for a white wine, reminiscent of a pinot that has had some whole bunches left in during fermentation.  There are also some floral notes that make it very pretty, as well as interesting. Great tasting wine, with nice acidity and citrus flavors.  I love what these guys have done.  A wine that's both novel and beautiful.

Price:     $30 
Varietal: Savagnin (80%), Chardonnay (20%)
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   95
Website: http://bkwines.com.au/

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2013 Hand Crafted by Geoff Hardy Nero D'avola

This grape varietal from Sicily is starting to make waves here in Australia, and I can see why.  It is well suited for a hot and dry climate, and seems to be growing very well here in the  McLaren Vale region.  Nero D'avola is always one of the wines I think about when eating pizza and pasta. This one paired well with my homemade pizza, topped with sausage, red onion and portobello mushrooms.

Nice nose with lots of raspberry and floral, possibly lavender, notes. It has juicy soft tannins and the palate gives off more raspberry with a hint of cherry.  A very enjoyable wine.  Having taken this to a few parties, I can say this is a  crowd pleaser and a great drink now red wine.

Price:     $30
Varietal: Nero D'avola
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   93
Website: http://www.handcraftedbygeoffhardy.com.au/

2013 Long Rail Gully Shiraz Cabernet

Long Rail Gully Shiraz Cabernet 2013I'm not entirely sure how this wine ended up on my wine rack, but I was pleased to find it, after a long day at work.  The Long Rail Gully vineyard resides in Murrumbateman, approximately 30 minutes north of Canberra and was first planted in 1998.

I was pleasantly suprised when I took s whiff of these to find a nicely balanced Cab/Shiraz blend with lots of black cherry and nice integration of oak.  Quite soft tannins and short lived on the palate.  Having tasted this over a couple of days I have the feeling this might not be a very long lived wine.  However, a pretty decent mid week quaffer and pleasant find for me.

 Price:     $20 (Unless you find it on your wine rack:)
Varietal: Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   90
Website: http://www.longrailgully.com.au/

Monday, September 1, 2014

2012 Carpineto Chianti Classico

Making pizzas tonight, so naturally going for some Italian wine.  In my experience Sangiovese and predominately Sangiovese blends (such as Chianti)  pair awesome with pizza.  That being said, some of the Australian Nero D'avola I've had lately are starting to give these a real run for their money.

The nose has a touch of tobacco and roast pepper, but generally very mild and subtle.  Quite soft tannins for a young Chianti, but generally a fairly bland wine.  That being said, it was in no way offensive and drank well with the tomato based pizzas.  Would I buy it again? Probably not.

Price:     $20
Varietal: Sangiovese (90%), Canaiolo (10%)
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   88
Website: http://www.carpineto.com/

2005 Penfolds Reserve Bin Riesling

Penfolds recently held a promotion, in collaboration with Vinetec wine fridges, offering a fantastic deal on a  fridge when you purchased at least six wines from their bin series or luxury wines.  Being in need of a wine fridge this seemed like a perfect excuse to pick up some Penfolds wines.  Amongst the six pack of wines I got a couple of bottles of this riesling and am glad for it.

The nose has a nice toasty character with some lime and kerosene, characteristic of so many aged rieslings from this region.  The palate is holding up well with nice crisp acidity, sustained minerality and plenty of citrus.  Drank fantastically well with salt and pepper soft shell crab.  Will buy again, if I see it, as it's hard to beat at this price and I love aged riesling.

Price:     $25
Varietal: Riesling
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   94
Website: https://www.penfolds.com/