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Sunday, February 12, 2017

2016 La Linea Mencia

Image result for la linea menciaMencia is a fairly new grape varietal to hit the shores of Australia. Back in its home in the north-west of Spain, it is often used to make light bodied, heavily perfumed wines, ideal for drinking in their youth.

This particular effort comes from a gravelly loam vineyard in Lenswood, and is the first Mencia planting in the Adelaide Hills. Hand picked fruit was fermented without the addition of yeast and sees only old french oak, resulting in a fruit forward wine, drinking very well in it's youth.

An intensely perfumed wine with cherry at the forefront and floral aromas that make it just so pretty and complex. Tannins are soft and powdery, which juxtaposes the juicy red fruit and soft acidity of this wine, oh so well.

This wine is everything I hoped Mencia could be in Australia and it appears the Adelaide Hills may be well suited for the varietal.

Price: $30
Varietal: Mencia
Would I Buy It?: Yes. Tasted as a sample at work, and brought one home for dinner.
Website: www.lalinea.com.au

Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Oliver's Taranga Mencia Rose

chica_spritzedHailing from Spain, the Mencia grape is one of my favorite red varietals. The best examples of which can be reminiscent of a cross between a cool climate Shiraz and an earthy Pinot Noir. Oliver's Taranga are one of only two growers in Australia that currently have this grape (along with Dell'Uva) and have been making this tasty rose for the last two vintages, with their first red Mencia about to be released.

Leading with strawberry fruit, their is a hint of spice on the nose which I find very charming. It almost smells like it might be a touch sweet, however it is refreshingly crisp and dry with a nice little flick of acid. Great summer wine, sure to go well with lots of food and win over a crowd.

Price:      $24
Source:   Winemaker
Varietal:  Mencia
Tasted:    September 2015
Rating:    92
Website:  www.oliverstaranga.com

Monday, December 8, 2014

2012 Godelia 'Viernes' Mencia

The Mencia grape is most commonly found in northwestern Spain, and is a primary constituent of many well regarded wines of the Bierzo region. Mencia has some beautiful aromatic qualities and here it has been put to good use to produce an excellent young drinking wine. While Viernes translates into Friday, this is a wine I'd be happy to have any day of the week.

Complex earthy and cherry aromatics mingle alongside some floral elements, followed up by a hint of anise. This is a well integrated wine with fine and persistent tannins. For me this wine begs for a charcuterie board and good company.

I managed to track a bottle of this down after having it at a tasting and will be ordering another half dozen. I look forward to trying some more wines made from Mencia. Currently the only Australian Mencia I've come across was a rose produced by Oliver's Taranga, which was both interesting and delicious.

Price:     $29
Source: Stewart's Wine Co.
Varietal: Mencia
Tasted:  December
Rating:   94
Website: www.thespanishacquisition.com/