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Monday, December 15, 2014

2013 Tahbilk 'The Tower' MVR

MVR is a blend of Mouvedre, Viognier, and Rousanne; all white grapes from the Rhone Valley in France. Tahbilk is well known for the quality or it's Marsanne, and the fact that it is one of Australia's most consistent and best value white wines. Their Tower series of wines are the first from Tahbilk to be certified carbon neutral.

The viognier is distinctly noticeable on the nose, offering aromas of stone fruit and baked apple, alongside some citrus notes. A lovely savory pallet with a somewhat slippery texture and a fairly crisp and clean finish. I quite enjoyed drinking this wine, however it wasn't much of a hit with the friends I shared this one with.

Paired well with Manchego and seared prawns. I'll buy this again, but not for sharing with guests. I think the Viognier is a bit unusual for some, and is maybe an acquired taste.

Price:     $15
Source:  Dan Murphy's
Varietal: Mouvedre, Marsanne, Viognier
Tasted:  December
Rating:   90
Website: www.tahbilk.com.au

Monday, November 17, 2014

2009 Tahbilk Marsanne

A varietal from the Rhone Valley in France, Marsanne was first planted at the Tabilk winery in Victoria in the 1860s. They now have some of the oldest plantings in the world and are one of the largest producers of this varietal. This wine is an absolute bargain, and is often released after several years of cellaring for very little more than the latest vintage.

The 2009 is starting to show some developed, honey suckle like characters on the nose, alongside citrus fruit and a hint of kerosene. Still has a very lively citrus palate with bright acidity. I suspect this wine still has many good years ahead of it, so I'll be holding on to a few bottles.

Remarkable wine at this price.

Price:     $16
Source: Dan Murphy's
Varietal: Marsanne
Tasted:  November 2014
Rating:   94
Website: www.tahbilk.com.au

Sunday, November 16, 2014

2013 Tahbilk Marsanne

Tahbilk's Marsanne is a serious contender for the best value white wine in Australia. A consistently beautiful wine, with great precision, balance, and incredible aging potential. You will often find newer releases, such as this, at large retailers for well under $15.

Lots of citrus aromas, featuring lemon and grapefruit. A very lively, minerally palate brings more citrus along with some flavos of stone fruit and apple. Lots of bright acidity to the finish.

This is a great wine to stock up on for cellaring, if you have a large enough cellar. If not, don't worry to much as you can often find releases of earlier vintages for around $20. I like to grab a couple from each year for my wine fridge regardless.

Awesome value. A great summer go-to wine.

Price:     $11.50
Source: Dan Murphy's
Varietal: Marsanne
Tasted:  November 2014
Rating:   92
Website: www.tahbilk.com.au

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Value Aussie Whites (Under $15)

When I first arrived here in Brisbane I was excited to try many of the amazing wines I'd heard so much about. However, as I'd just packed and moved across the world, my budget was a bit tight.  Having been spoiled in Canada with excellent inexpensive wine from Chile and Argentina, I was initially disappointed in the quality of Australian white wine I was able to get sub $15. The inexpensive white wine market in Australia seems to be flooded with duds.  I had no idea where to begin.  However, now that I've had some time to poke around, I realize there are some great whites available in this very low price bracket.  I've decided to share three of my favourites here, in the hope that it might help others find some of the great value Aussie whites available.

2012 Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon ($14-18)

This is a great wine from an excellent producer.  Mount Pleasant produces many fantastic semillons, at very
reasonable prices.

Smells like lemon and fresh straw, with a hint of asparagus.  Balanced palate with a good amount of citrus.

I cannot get enough of Mt. Pleasant Semillon right now.  While the 2012 Elizabeth is already a great, readily available, inexpensive option, their aged semillon is amazing and also very reasonably priced.  If you can still find the 2006 Cellar Aged Elizabeth, buy it.  Generally available for less than $25 and incredible value at this price.  Although, rumour has it the 2007 cellar release will be as good, if not better.  

2013 Jim Barry Watervale Riesling ($14-17)

Gourmet Traveller has named Tom Barry "Young Wine Maker of the Year", and I can see why.  Anyone who can produce a Riesling of this quality for this price deserves an award.

Great Riesling with lots of citrus.  Very fresh and dry, fantastic with east Asian curries, or nothing at all.

While discussing Riesling I feel it's only fair to mention that there are many more great Aussie Rieslings available for around $20. In fact, I plan on spending my summer exploring as many of them as possible.  I cannot say enough good things about aged Riesling and there are some superb deals to be snatched up at some of the major retailers right now.  

2013 Tahbilk Marsanne ($12-17)

Every time I get a bottle of of this Marsanne I'm amazed at its simple beauty and easy drinking. I've shared this with many friends who have been impressed with its great value.

The Marsanne grape originates in the Northern Rhone region of France and has found a well suited new home at the Tahbilk winery in the Nagambie Lakes region, north of Melbourne Victoria.

Wonderful stone fruit, citrus and peach on the nose.  Nice minerality and decent length.

The best part is that this ages really well, and you can buy vintage Tahbilk Marsannes at a pittance.  Some are available at major retailers (I've recently found the 2008 for $18), but I reckon the best bet is to check out their website below and join the club. I've seen packages containing multiple vintages available at great prices.