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Thursday, September 11, 2014

2013 BK Wines Skin and Bones White

This is a super cool wine.  I had this a while back at a monthly tasting I attend here in Brisbane called Swirl, Sniff, and Spit.  I wanted to show my office mates something different and interesting and this turned out to be the perfect pick.

Holy aromatic!  My boss smelled it walking by and busted us wine tasting on a Friday afternoon, so I had to pour an extra glass.  The time spent on skin and in contact with the stems gives it a very unique nose for a white wine, reminiscent of a pinot that has had some whole bunches left in during fermentation.  There are also some floral notes that make it very pretty, as well as interesting. Great tasting wine, with nice acidity and citrus flavors.  I love what these guys have done.  A wine that's both novel and beautiful.

Price:     $30 
Varietal: Savagnin (80%), Chardonnay (20%)
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   95
Website: http://bkwines.com.au/