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Sunday, February 12, 2017

2016 La Linea Mencia

Image result for la linea menciaMencia is a fairly new grape varietal to hit the shores of Australia. Back in its home in the north-west of Spain, it is often used to make light bodied, heavily perfumed wines, ideal for drinking in their youth.

This particular effort comes from a gravelly loam vineyard in Lenswood, and is the first Mencia planting in the Adelaide Hills. Hand picked fruit was fermented without the addition of yeast and sees only old french oak, resulting in a fruit forward wine, drinking very well in it's youth.

An intensely perfumed wine with cherry at the forefront and floral aromas that make it just so pretty and complex. Tannins are soft and powdery, which juxtaposes the juicy red fruit and soft acidity of this wine, oh so well.

This wine is everything I hoped Mencia could be in Australia and it appears the Adelaide Hills may be well suited for the varietal.

Price: $30
Varietal: Mencia
Would I Buy It?: Yes. Tasted as a sample at work, and brought one home for dinner.
Website: www.lalinea.com.au

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2014 The Lane 'Block 3' Chardonnay

Coming from the coldest site at The Lane vineyard in the Adelaide Hills, this is a very clean, modern style of Chardonnay. A great Chardonnay for those that lean away from oakier Chardonnays.

Tropical fruit nose develops more towards orange peel and grapefruit aromas in the glass. Nice clean bright acidity with just a touch of malolactic fermentation. A very clean refreshing wine, sure to pair well with Asian foods.

Price:      $25
Source:   Cellar Door
Varietal:  Chardonnay
Tasted:    May 2015
Rating:    92
Website:  www.thelane.com.au

Sunday, May 24, 2015

2014 Unico Zelo Dolcetto

Unico Zelo DocettoMade from fruit sourced from the Clare Valley, alongside a smaller amount of fruit from their own Adelaide Hills vineyard. A very easy drinking, yet interesting wine at a very fair price.

I get aromas of violet and cherry. Very soft tannins and mild acidity make this an easy drinking wine that I could see going well with plenty of food options. I quite enjoyed it with a margherita pizza.

Price:      $20
Source:   Different Drop
Varietal:  Dolcetto
Tasted:    May2015
Rating:    92
Website:  www.unicozelo.com.au

Saturday, May 23, 2015

2014 Handorf Hill Grüner Veltliner

Native to Austria, Grüner Veltliner seems to have found a very suitable home in Adelaide Hills. The 2012 vintage of this wine was rated the best Grüner Veltliner outside of Austria, at the 2013 International Grüner Veltliner tasting held in Vienna. I enjoyed this wine on it's own, but could see it being excellent paried with spicy Asian cuisine. 

I get aromas of stone fruit, pineapple,  and wet stone, developing more towards apple and pear on it's second day of being open. A textural wine that stuck to the middle of my tongue in a very pleasing way, with citrus flavors and moderate acidity. I hope to see more of this varietal pop up here in Australia.  

Price:     $28
Source: Cellar Door
Varietal: Grüner Veltliner
Tasted: May 2015
Rating:   94
Website: http://www.hahndorfhillwinery.com.au/

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2012 Chain of Ponds 'Morning Star' Pinot Noir

Chain of Ponds are said to be the first to plant extensive vineyards in the Northern region of the Adelaide Hills, for cool climate viticulture. The best barrels from the better vineyards are generally selected for the top tier 'Morning Star' Pinot, with the remainder going into their 'Section 400' Pinot.

An earthy nose with raspberry, cherry and beetroot, are followed by some sour cherry and raspberry notes on the somewhat short palate. Tannins are a touch chalky and drying to my taste. Mellowed out a bit on day two, so probably best to give this one a good decant.

 Price:      RRP $50
Source:   Vinomofo
Varietal:  Pinot Noir
Tasted:    May 2015
Rating:    90
Website:  www.chainofponds.com.au

Sunday, May 3, 2015

2014 Unico Zelo Grenache

Sourced from one of the few parcels of Grenache in the Adelaide Hills, this wine was made from hand picked grapes that then underwent 100% whole bunch fermentation for 10 days, prior to being pressed off for the completion of fermentation to occur in old oak puncheons. 

A very lively nose, with lots of zippy hits of ginger and spice. The time spent on stems definitely comes through and comes off a bit green and herbaceous, for my taste. Fine tannins, with moderate length make for very easy drinking. 

Price:      $30
Source:   Different Drop
Varietal:  Grenache
Tasted:    April 2015
Rating:    90
Website:  www.unicozelo.com.au

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2010 S.C. Pannell Nebbiolo

S.C. Pannell's sixth release of Nebbiolo consists of a blend of five different clones from the Adelaide Hills. This wine had an extended 24 day maceration imparting unique tannin characteristics. The wine then spent 21 months in old Hungarian oak puncheons, resulting in great varietal expression that is not overwhelmed by oak.

Remarkably orange in color for a wine this age. Still plenty of ripe cherry, rose, and earthy aromas. Medium bodied with fine grippy tannins and a slightly savory finish. Paired excellent with butternut pumpkin Gnocchi. A real treat and drinking very well at the moment.

Price:     $50
Source:  City Wine Shop, Melbourne
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Tasted:  December 2014
Rating:   95

2014 Bird in Hand Pinot Rose

Residing in Adelaide Hills, Bird in Hand was first established in 1997 and their first vintage was released in 2001. In spite of their youth, they have been making some very solid wines and have quickly become quite successful, making many of their wines easily to find.

This time of year I love a good rose, and this one fits the bill quite well. Blushing pink  in color with a fragrant yet delicate strawberry nose. So easy to drink, offering more strawberries with a touch of citrus. A nice clean, dry rose that is not overwhelmingly fruity.  

Price:     $22
Source:  BWS
Varietal: Pinot
Tasted:  January 2015
Rating:   90

Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Ochota Barrels Green Room Grenache Syrah

Ochota Barrels are producing some of my favorite wines in Australia at the moment. Winemaker Taras Ochota has previously worked at Murray Street Vineyards and Two Hands in the Barossa Valley, as well as Nepenthe in Adelaide Hills. In more recent years he has been working as a fly in wine maker in Italy, as well as making some beautiful and interesting Australian wines, such as this.

This wine is predominantly grenache at 88 percent, with the remainder of the wine being syrah. All fruit is sourced from old vines grown on dry loamy red clay, delivering great fruit intensity. There was a large percentage of whole bunch (grapes along with stems) used in this wine, which adds some interest and depth.

I get lots of bright red fruit cherry fruit and aromas that remind me more of a grenache heavy Rioja than any other Australian grenache I've had. Nice chalky tannins and great length. The thing that really stands out to me in this wine is the purity of the fruit. The low levels of oak allow you to really taste just how good the Grenache fruit really is.

I shared this at a friends Birthday and it was an absolute hit. A crowd pleaser, for sure.

Price:     $39
Source:  Craft Red Hill
Varietal: Grenache, Syrah
Tasted:  December 2014
Rating:   95

Monday, November 17, 2014

2014 BK Wines 'Inox' Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are wines made from the same grape, which evolved from the Pinot Noir grape or a common ancestor. The difference is largely in the style of wine produced with the french Pinot Gris often being sweeter with more stonel fruit notes and the Italian Pinot Grigio generally being drier with more citrus like characteristics.

This Australian version, while Grigio in name, seems to walk the line between these two styles. A mildly fruity nose, with a hint of apricot and pear, is followed by a nice dry pallete and crisp citrus acidity. A touch of spice and maybe a hint of salinity.

A nice wine, sure to provide summer refreshment. Drank well with barbecued prawns.

Price:     $23
Source: Grand Central Cellars
Varietal: Pinot Grigio
Tasted:  November 2014
Rating:   90
Website: www.bkwines.com.au

Saturday, November 15, 2014

2013 Vinomofo 'Arcadia Bohemia' Chardonnay

Another collaboration wine from Vinomofo, this one was made by Brendon Keys from BK Wines in Adelaide Hills. BK wines are producing a lot of really interesting wines, and this barrel fermented Chardonnay offers good value.

It balances the line of ripeness quite well, offering both some tropical fruit elements alongside some citrus fruit. Nice buttery and soft with decent length on the palate.

A good quality chardonnay at a very  fair price point. I would buy this again. Paired well with barbecued chicken.  

Price:     $15
Source: Vinomofo
Varietal: Chardonnay
Tasted:  November 2014
Rating:   90
Website: www.vinomofo.com

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2013 S.C. Pannell Syrah

S.C. Pannell has quickly become one of my favorite wine makers, as of late. He seems to have the right balance between exploring different varietals and wine making styles, and knowing what works well here in Australia. I was pleased to see this wine recently win the Jimmy Watson trophy, however had it been up to me I would have probably picked his even more amazing Grenache.

This was for me an excellent example of what can be done with Shiraz in the cooler wine growing regions of Australia, such as the Adelaide Hills. Refined with nice tight structure and some mineral elements. Still has many of the things I've come to expect from good Australian shiraz. Already drinking beautifully, but sure to reward a bit of patience over the next few years.

Price:     $30
Source: Craft Red Hill
Varietal: Shiraz
Tasted:  October 2014
Rating:   94
Website: www.pannell.com.au

Thursday, September 11, 2014

2013 BK Wines Skin and Bones White

This is a super cool wine.  I had this a while back at a monthly tasting I attend here in Brisbane called Swirl, Sniff, and Spit.  I wanted to show my office mates something different and interesting and this turned out to be the perfect pick.

Holy aromatic!  My boss smelled it walking by and busted us wine tasting on a Friday afternoon, so I had to pour an extra glass.  The time spent on skin and in contact with the stems gives it a very unique nose for a white wine, reminiscent of a pinot that has had some whole bunches left in during fermentation.  There are also some floral notes that make it very pretty, as well as interesting. Great tasting wine, with nice acidity and citrus flavors.  I love what these guys have done.  A wine that's both novel and beautiful.

Price:     $30 
Varietal: Savagnin (80%), Chardonnay (20%)
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   95
Website: http://bkwines.com.au/