Monday, May 4, 2015

2010 Beach Road Aglianico

Aglianico is a noble wine grape originating from Campania, in Southern Italy and there are now a few Australian producers using this grape. This example from Langhorne Creek, South Australia is perhaps a bit riper than it's Italian cousins, but very nice in the right situation.  

Smells of raisins, tobacco, cherry, and plenty of oak.  Grippy yet nice tannins are balanced with a good amount of acidity. A big brute of a red wine, ideal for cold days and hearty cuts of red meat. I suspect this wine will have many years left to improve.

 Price:      $30
Source:   Grape Therapy, Brisbane
Varietal:  Aglianico
Tasted:    April 2015
Rating:    92
Website:  www.beachroadwines.com.au

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