Monday, September 22, 2014

2012 Smallfry 'Schliebs Garden' Grenache

It being International Grenache Day this past Friday, I took it upon myself to try a few different grenache and grenache blends. Among these was this straight grenache from a biodynamic producer in the Barrossa Valley. Having previously tried two excellent wines from Smallfry, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed by this offering.
Opens up with an interesting nose, indicative there was likely some addition of whole bunches of grapes (stems and all) during fermentation. A bit spicy with some dark berry notes and possibly a hint of acetone.  The tannins were a bit sandy and overpowering for the level of acidity and berry flavors present. This may develop over time and become quite good, but it's not for my taste right now. While I likely won't be buying another bottle of this, I will surely be grabbing up some other wines from this producer.

Price:     $27
Varietal: Grenache
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   87
Website: http://smallfrywines.com.au/ 

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