Monday, September 22, 2014

2011 Mayfield 'Icely Road' Chardonnay

Icely Rd Chardonnay 2011Mayfield is located in the Orange region of New South Wales and produces a selection of wines suited to this cooler climate. One of the wonderful things about chardonnay is that it offers a lot variation within the context of one type of grape. Hence, offering an opportunity for wine makers to express themselves and represent the fruit in distinct ways.

This was a rather delicate chardonnay with some melon and vanilla on the nose. Very moderate use of oak has left it quite fresh, displaying the fruit well. Limited malolactic fermentation has resulted in good acid balance without the buttery notes present in many other chardonnays. Rather on the lean side for my taste in chardonnay.  Nonetheless, a crisp, clean, elegant chardonnay and it was just fine with goat cheese spread across baguette, on a sunny afternoon.

 Price:     $20
Varietal: Chardonnay
Tasted: September 2014
Rating:   90 
Website: www.mayfieldvineyard.com   

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